Tools for Coping with Voices:

Baker, Paul K. (1996) The Voice Inside: a practical guide to coping: Mind Publications, UK
The Voice Inside: A Practical Guide to Coping with Hearing Voices

Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine & Pharmacy, Best Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center
List of 60 Coping Strategies for Hallucinations

Foster, Clare (2016) how to cope with hearing voices: Mind Publications, UK PDF 259.6KB booklet
how to cope with hearing voices ©2016

The International Hearing Voices Network
A Practical Guide to Coping with Voices

Richmond Wellbeing (formerly Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia) poster/chart
Strategies for Coping with Distressing Voices (2017)

HVN Western Australia poster/chart
Strategies for Coping with Distressing Voices (2016)

Listening to Voices: Creative Disruptions with the Hearing Voices Network research project, 50pp. booklet
Companion Listen (If you Dare): An Unlikely Companion to Voice-Hearing

Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ – Te Reo Orooro
Strategies for Coping with Distressing Voices ©HVNA 2006

HVN of Aotearoa New Zealand
Coping Strategies

HVN Cymru Wales
Maastricht Interview for Voice Hearers

York Hearing Voices Group
Better Sleep for Voice Hearers

Hearing Voices Maastricht. By Dirk Corstens, Rufus May and Eleanor Longden
Talking to the voices

Voice Collective for young people (16 – 25) 
Tips: dealing with scary voices
Voices, Visions, Gender, & Sexuality

Voice Collective (2015), 16pp.
Voices & Visions 1: A straight talking introduction: for parents, carers and family member of young people who hear voices or see visions

Voice Collective (2015), 16pp.
Voices & Visions 2: A guide to coping & recovery: for parents, carers and family members of young people who hear voices or see visions

Manchester Hearing Voices Group

Ritsher, Jennifer B, et al. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 27(3). Table 1—Strategies for Coping with Voices, p. 8
Hearing voices: Explanations and implications

Other Self-Help Tools

Rufus May PhD. Holistic exercises for mind and body. The following films demonstrate exercises that can help manage strong mind states and generate calm and relaxation
exercises for mind and body

National Empowerment Center, brochure, 11-27-07
By Patricia Deegan, PhD Reclaiming Your Power During Medication Appointments with Your Psychiatrist

The Icarus Project 13374 KB 60 pp.
Friends Make the Best Medicine: A Guide to Creating Community Mental Health Support Networks

A Mutual Aid Publication by The Icarus Project First edition, 2015
Madness and Oppression: Paths to Personal Transformation & Collective Liberation

Rethink Mental Illness, 02-23-16 Blog post 7 Ways to be a Friend to Someone with Psychosis


The Voices in My Head MIA CE, 17:00, 2017 presents a radically different understanding of auditory hallucinations, which in turn provides a rationale for significant changes to the current standard of care, one which emphasizes peer groups and social interventions. This free lecture is given by Eleanor Longden,PhD, and is presented in collaboration with Mad in America Continuing Education.

Paris Williams PhD, Rethinking Madness: Towards a Paradigm Shift in Our Understanding and Treatment of Psychosis 2012, 399 pp.



When a Colleague Questioned If It Was Safe for Me to Work Because I Experience Psychosis by Anne L, 07-26-16

Experiencing Psychosis Changed How I Think About Perspective by Anne L, 08-26-16


Hearing Voices : an Insiders Guide to Auditory Hallucinations | Debra Lampshire | TEDxTauranga 18:14, 2017, Debra’s story of living with voices is a journey into the soul. Describing her experiences, we start to understand, and are able to better support those human beings living with loud heads.

Compassion to Voices: a tale of courage and hope 5:13, 2015. This project was led by Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland, Department of Psychology at King’s College London, in collaboration with Kate Anderson, independent animation director. “Compassion is the courage to descend into the reality of human experience” Paul Gilbert, founder of Compassion Focused Therapy

Hearing Voices Documentary: Living with Voices Creative Support, UK, 14:38, May 2015. Joseph Brotherton and Phil Sykes travelled to Bradford to meet a group of people who had put themselves forward for a film project about hearing voices.

In the Real, 59min., 2015, Filmmaker and psychoanalyst Conor McCormack has documented the Bristol Hearing Voices Network – a self-help group for people who hear voices and have other unusual experiences. The observational documentary film which goes right to the heart of the voice-hearing experience. Who, or what, are the voices that only these men can hear? What do they say and what do they mean? And how does hearing voices transform their sense of self and world?

Healing Voices 90 min. 04-20-16 Healing Voices is a social-action documentary feature which asks one simple question:  “What are we talking about when we talk about “mental illness”?”. Director Patrick “PJ” Moynihan

Crazy Wise 1h 22m, 05-21-17. The documentary CRAZYWISE explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience. Director Phil Borges 

In My Mind: James AttitudeLive, 28:47, 08-14-16 
James King has heard voices for most of his life. For years he was able to cope. He studied journalism, and became a radio producer, but shortly into his career he had a massive breakdown. He’s slowly been regaining his confidence through painting. Now he’s taking the first steps back into the workforce.

Surviving Schizophrenia AttitudeLive, 28:07, 07-26-16 
Elyn Saks, Debra Lampshire and Paris Williams are all world experts on mental health. They’re using their personal experiences and working in their respective fields to debunk the myths and stigma surrounding schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia: Talking about mental health – Episode 18. Mind, UK. 6:39, 03-01-16
Alice, Brian, Jamie, Martin and Louise all talk about the reality of living with schizophrenia – from the at first strange symptoms they have experienced to the stigma and discrimination they feel people with the diagnosis face.

Living with My Voices: Interview with Kevin Healey The Trauma & Mental Health Report 3:53, 09-11-14

Jonny Benjamin’s Story – Schizoaffective disorder The Mix 5:42, 01-09-14

Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration
The Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration has been developed by people with lived experience of hearing voices from Australia, UK and Europe, with the aim of building support for the hearing voices approach within the mental health system. 11-21-13

Eleanor Longden: The Voices in My Head TED Talks 14:17, 08-11-13
To all appearances, Eleanor Longden was just like every other student, heading to college full of promise and without a care in the world. That was until the voices in her head started talking. Longden tells the moving tale of her years-long journey back to mental health, and makes the case that it was through learning to listen to her voices that she was able to survive.

David Crepaz Keay, Don’t Call Me Crazy, Call Me Mad Mental Health Foundation, UK 3:38, 07-22-13
David is Head of Empowerment and Social Inclusion at the Mental Health Foundation and works to develop, deliver and evaluate things like service user involvement, carer involvement, peer support and self-management training. David also has a truly unique perspective on mental health – he has lived with hearing voices since adolescence. His experiences have shaped his attitude to labels and in a compelling interview, he talks about seeking to reclaim the word ‘mad’.

Rufus May: Living Mindfully with Voices 27:53, 11-08-12
Existential Psychology Forum at Copenhagen University

100 Years of Schizophrenia – Is This Enough? Robin Murray, a Scottish psychiatrist and professor of Psychiatric Research at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College in London presents his keynote at the 2012 Hearing Voices World Congress in Cardiff, Wales, 09-21-12

Demon Shoes Hearing Voices Network Dundee commission follows Gavin Webster, a voice hearer. Gavin hears the voices of demon and thinks that red wings are growing from his back. He has tried, and failed, to commit suicide many times to stop the voices. 2008


Hearing Voices | Lisa Forestell | Madness Radio 57:58 4-12-18
Hearing Voices

Lisa Forestell has heard voices since she was a child. She is an organizer with the Hearing Voices Movement and with the Western Massachusetts Learning Community, a mutual support initiative run by and for people with lived experience of unusual and extreme states of mind labeled as “mental illness.”

Think: Health Podcast 30:05 9-11-16
#32 – Hearing Voices Day in Australia

Douglas Holmes – Chairperson of the Hearing Voices Network in NSW
Fiona Orr – Director of International Activities in the Faculty of Health, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing and PHD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney
Chris Zaslawski – Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Amie Steel – Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the Australia Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine, UTS & Associate Director of Research, Endeavour College of Natural Health
Nicole Brown – CAM user

Timothy Dreby, LMFT, Special Messages, Madness Radio, First Aired: 12-31-14
Special Messages

Mosaic Science Podcast 12-09-14
Voices in the dark: an auditory story

Schizophrenia: New Thinking, New Treatments This is the third story in a 3-part series looking at the changing science of schizophrenia and emerging treatments. Schizophrenia: What It’s Like to Hear Voices 09-11-14
On The Cusp of Delusion: Frankie Moreno, 25, San Diego
On The Cusp of Delusion: “Reagan,” 23, Simi Valley
On the Cusp of Delusion: Will Hall
On The Cusp of Delusion: Andrea Vallejo, education specialist, Kickstart, San Diego

Eleanor Longden, PhD, Meaning from Voices, Madness Radio, First Aired: 06-01-12
Meaning from Voices

Patricia Deegan, PhD, Personal Medicine, Madness Radio, First Aired: 09-12-07
Personal Medicine