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Diverse First Person Accounts & Qualitative Research

Accounts from the Work & School Stories Project

Schizophrenia Bulletin First Person Accounts

Experiences of hearing voices: analysis of a novel phenomenological survey. Angela Woods, Nev Jones, Ben Alderson-Day, Felicity Callard & Charles Fernyhough. (The Lancet Psychiatry, Open Access).

Psychosis Information Sheets

Sex, Sexuality & Psychosis

Psychosis & Age of Onset

Voices Beyond Schizophrenia

Psychosis & Trauma

Psychosis, Psychosocial Approaches, Therapies

Free online course: Psychosis – What is it?


Introduction to Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Psychosis. Joseph E. Oliver, Candice Joseph, Majella Byrne, Louise C. Johns & Eric M. J. Morris.

Spirituality: A New Way Into Understanding Psychosis. Isobel Clark.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Delusions. José Manuel García Montes, Marino Pérez Álvarez & Salvador Perona Garcelán.

Emerging Perspectives From the Hearing Voices Movement: Implications for Research and Practice. Dirk Corstens, Eleanor Longden, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Rachel Waddingham & Neil Thomas.

Psychological Therapies for Auditory Hallucinations (Voices): Current Status and Key Directions for Future Research. Neil Thomas et al. (Schizophrenia Bulletin, Open Access).

Avatar Therapy Project

First-episode psychosis programs help young people continue their lives Nev Jones’s interview with MINNPOST

Psyberguide  PsyberGuide is a consumer-friendly resource for finding out about the software and apps available for help in managing mental health conditions, and the research and views of experts on the usefulness of these products.

Cannabis and Psychosis

The Link between Cannabis and Psychosis by Sir Robin Murray

The Clear Danger From Cannabis by Sir Robin Murray

Cannabis & Psychosis – Exploring the Link

Risk Gene for Cannabis Psychosis by King’s College

Daily Use, Especially of High-Potency Cannabis, Drives the Earlier Onset of Psychosis in Cannabis Users

CBTp – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis

Free online CBTp training/videos

Online course on CBTp

Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP)  

PREP Clinics Early Psychosis Treatment Centers in US and outside US.

INSPIRE Clinic  INSPIRE Clinic in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Health Care,  offering recovery-oriented care for people experiencing early psychosis

UCSF PART Program The UCSF Path Program (formerly the Early Psychosis Program) is a strength-based comprehensive treatment program for young people and their families who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis.

Felton Institute (PREP):

PREP Alameda: (510) 318-6100 – Email:
PREP Salinas/Monterey: (831) 424-5033 – Email:
PREP San Francisco: (415) 476-7278 – Email:
PREP San Mateo: (650) 504-3374 – Email:
PREP San Joaquin/Stockton: Email:

REACH  Santa Clara County based Early Intervention Programs.

Back to School: Toolkits to Support the Full Inclusion of Students with Early Psychosis in Higher Education. Helpful kits for the students (and the families) returning to school after hospitalization(s) or intensive treatment for psychosis.

Peer Respite/Support Centers

Peer Respite Directory in the US Peer respites are voluntary, short-term, overnight programs. They provide community-based, trauma-informed, and person-centered crisis support and prevention 24 hours per day in a homelike environment. Peer respites are staffed and operated by people with lived experience of the mental health system.

National Empowerment Center. National Empowerment Center listing peer-run statewide groups and peer-run crisis services

Heart and Soul. Heart and Soul in San Mateo County

Self-help centers and peer support services in Santa Clara County

PEERS. Peer programs/services in Alameda County

Therapeutic/Treatment Centers

Association for Community Integration Programs Although community integration programs are uniquely effective, these programs lack visibility in the overall marketplace of services for people suffering extreme psychiatric experiences. As a result, they are not on the radar screen of many mental health professionals; while people and their families who could benefit from them – including individuals with long histories in and out of hospitals – often don’t know that an alternative and effective style of psychiatric care exists. The Association for Community Integration Programs works to rectify this blind spot on both national and local levels.

American Residential Treatment Association The 30 member facilities of the American Residential Treatment Association are dedicated to providing extraordinary care to adults with mental illness. We’re also dedicated to helping you find the residential treatment facility that provides the optimal setting in which an adult with psychiatric illness can restore his or her mental health. If you’ve decided on residential care, or are considering it, the resources on our site can help you make the best match.

Gould Farm – residential therapeutic community/farm.  Gould Farm is the first residential therapeutic community in the nation dedicated to helping adults with mental health and related challenges move toward recovery, health and greater independence through community living, meaningful work, and clinical care.

Inner Fire Inner Fire is a proactive, healing community offering a choice for people to recover from debilitating and traumatic life challenges without the use of psychotropic medications.

Wind Horse Integrative Mental Health  Windhorse has offered compassionate, humane support for people recovering from extreme mind and mood states.

Merry Meadow Farm  Merry Meadow Farm is home to many people living with serious mental illness who are currently unable to be successful on their own. Our program, combining the treatment abilities of on-site clinical programming with the support of our caring residential team, truly provides the best of both worlds in outpatient mental health care.

Cooper Riis Healing Community CooperRiis offers hope and healing to adults who struggle with mental health challenges in a residential setting.

Bay Area Resources/Support Groups/Provider list

The Bay Area Hearing Voices Network 

Provider list from BAHVN

NAMI Santa Clara County

Mental Health Association San Francisco

Resources for Family Members

Don’t Panic if your Child is Hearing Voices INTERVOICE has a lot of good articles.

Family Healing Together – an online course

Family Outreach and Response Program (Toronto, Canada)

Caring for People with Psychosis and Schizophrenia (free online course for family members based at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London)

Hearing Voices Network/Movement

Essential Facts about Hearing Voices


Hearing Voices Network

Hearing Voices Network Australia

Hearing Voices Ireland

Mental Health Foundation – Hearing Voices

Academic Journals

Schizophrenia Bulletin:  Virtual Issue on Children and Psychosis

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