Special Evening with Adrian Camp – “Madness and Voices of Understanding”

Wednesday August 10th, 2016 7-9pm
Cypress Community Center, Room 1, 403 South Cypress Avenue, San Jose, CA 95117
Printable PDF file 08-10-2016

Please join Adrian Camp a.k.a. Adrian Bernard for an evening of connection through varying states of Madness, delusions, voices, broadcast thoughts and any number of experiences of Extreme States toward Mental Health. Adrian spent twenty years finding his way through the tumult of breakdowns, hospitalization, and persecution by others and self. Through good fortune and good faith, he survived the nightmares. He found common ground with others and perceives his life through the mental health community. He aims to share his story and understanding with you. Adrian graduated from UC Santa Cruz over 10 years ago. Over the past five years he has worked at 2nd Story Peer Respite House, Santa Cruz, where he currently serves as manager. He has also taught every NAMI class that one can. NAMI helped him to find his voice.
When Second Story opened its doors in the fall of 2011, it was the first peer respite house in California, and the seventh peer respite in the nation. It promotes wellness and supports individuals experiencing psychological distress by providing a community-based alternative to psychiatric emergency services. Adrian will spend time talking about 2nd Story, what a respite house is, what it takes to work with others to start one and what it takes to keep it going. Adrian believes in the merits of peer, provider and family collaboration. He reveals the shared understanding of collective health. Health relies on the entire community to reveal the path to well-being.

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